Review : Uniki – Silly and Boring
Uniki Movie Review

Release Date : January 21,2022 Rating : 2/5

Starring: Ashish Gandhi, Chitra Shukla, TNR, Mahesh, Darbha Appaji Ambarisha

Director: Rajkumar Bobby

Producers: Rajesh Bobburi, Bobby Yedida

Music Director: Peddapalli Rohith

Cinematography : Hari Krishna Harish

Editor: Hari Krishna Harish

Continuing the trend of reviewing low-budget films, today’s pick is Uniki. The film is out now and let’s see how it is.


Subbalakshmi (Chitra Shukla) is a lower-middle-class girl who works hard to become an IAS officer. She gets posted in the Godavari region and starts helping society. Like in every film, evil people target her and even make a murder attempt. She somehow survives it and plans a revolt. The rest of the story is about how Subba Lakshmi achieves her goal and how does Abhi (Ashish Gandhi) helps Subba Lakshmi in her journey.

Plus Points:

A few emotional scenes in the film are good. Also, the twist that is revealed through the character of TNR is executed well. Chitra Shukla plays the main lead and she is very good in her role. Her look, body language, and her command of diction are also very good. It was good to see the late TNR one more time in the film.

Ashish Gandhi was also very neat in his role. His serious looks and dialogue delivery were good. Jabardasth Mahesh, TNR, and Durga Rao were good in their roles. But the biggest advantage of the film is the dialogue. They are quite good and elevate the scenes well.

Minus Points:

Uniki is filled with overdramatic scenes. Also, the silly narration does not help matters much. The emotions look forced and do not create much impact. There are so many scenes that are far away from reality especially those in the pre-climax. They feel over the top.

Also, the proceedings are very slow and multiple scenes do not convince the audience whatsoever. The flashback designed for the hero’s character is also boring and lacks depth. There is also no proper flow in the proceedings.

Technical Aspects:

Music is okay and so was the BGM. The production values could have been better. Editing is bad and so was the production design which looked over the top. The director showcased a few scenes well but the rest of the narration was disappointing.


On the whole, Uniki is a female-oriented drama that fails to impress. The film is filled with over-the-top drama, boring scenes, and dull pace. Apart from the good dialogues, this film has nothing much to showcase and can be ignored. Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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