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Review : Varun Sandesh’s Nindha – Decent concept, flawed execution
Nindha Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name :Nindha

Release Date : June 21, 2024 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring : Varun Sandesh, Tanikella Bharani, Annie, Bhadram, Surya Kumar, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, Arun Dalai, Shreya Rani Reddy, Q Madhu, and others

Director: Rajesh Jagannadham

Producer: Rajesh Jagannadham

Music Director: Santhu Omkar

Cinematographer: Ramiz Naveeth

Editor: Anil Kumar P

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Varun Sandesh starrer Nindha has hit screens today. Delve into our review to see how it fares.


Vivek (Varun Sandesh) kidnaps a Sub-Inspector (SI), a doctor, a lawyer, a constable, and two commoners, and holds them hostage. They soon realize that Vivek is seeking the full story and facts behind the arrest of Balaraju (Chatrapathi Shekar) for a brutal murder in Kandrakota. Who is Balaraju? Who was the murdered person? Who is Vivek, and why did he take government officials hostage? How are they connected to this story? What exactly happened in the village? All these questions will be answered by watching the movie.

Plus Points:

Varun Sandesh ventures into a different territory and delivers a fine performance. If he continues to pursue more intriguing roles, his career could see a resurgence.

Chatrapathi Shekar, Tanikella Bharani, and Annie excel in their respective parts, while the rest of the actors perform their roles adequately.

Minus Points:

The story begins with an intriguing premise, and the screenplay holds interest for the initial few minutes. However, the film starts to lose steam towards the interval and continues to falter in the second half.

Director Rajesh Jagannadha’s intent to narrate an engaging story is laudable, but he should have invested more effort into the latter half, where the screenplay needed the most finesse. A better-crafted and more compelling second half could have significantly altered the film’s impact.

The dialogues between Varun Sandesh and the hostages lack the necessary drama and intensity in the second half, thereby failing to generate the needed tension.

Although Varun Sandesh delivers a good performance, he needs to improve his diction to deliver serious dialogues more powerfully. Characters like Surya, Bhadram, and Sidharth Gollapudi could have been developed better, and some characters, like Shreya Rani Reddy, do not significantly contribute to the story.

Technical Aspects:

As a first-time director, Rajesh Jagannadha comes up with a nice concept, but he needed to focus more on the screenplay and dramatic elements. With better execution, the outcome could have been different.

Santhu Omkar’s music is passable, but the placement of the songs is suboptimal. Ramiz Naveeth’s cinematography is satisfactory, while Anil Kumar’s editing could use improvement to better engage the audience. The production values are adequate.


On the whole, Nindha presents a fair storyline but falls short in its execution. Despite Varun Sandesh’s effort to explore new roles, the film’s unengaging second half, weak character development, lack of proper drama, and pacing issues render it forgettable. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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