Box office report

Photo : Ghazi
Ghazi : Ghazi has become the talk of the town as it is the first underwater war drama that has been made on Telugu screen. This film hit the screens on Feb 17th and emerged as a hit at the box office.

No 4th position at the box office.
The way real life events have been narrated with a bit of fiction is very good and showcases the caliber of the young director. The underlying drama that has been showcased between the lead cast holds the film together.
Taapsee’s role has nothing much to do with the proceedings. There are many scenes in the film where more drama could have been added. Those who expect some great war scenes in the film will be disappointed as Ghazi is an underwater movie and only limited action scenes are showcased.​

A Centers : Average
B Centers : Average
C Centers : Average
Verdict : Hit

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