Box office report

Photo : Siddhartha
Siddhartha : TV star turned hero, Sagar made his appearance as a full-fledged hero in Siddhartha which released this 16th of September.

No 4th position at the box office.
Sagar makes a decent attempt as a full-fledged hero.The first half of the film is good and the interval bang is very good. Satyam Rajesh manages to bring some laughs during the second half.
Firstly, the director fails to use the talent of Sagar during the second half. After an engaging first half, the film falls flat as the twist is diluted and the proceedings get routine with some unnecessary tracks. The logic goes for a toss during this time as a decent story line is made quite silly.

A Centers : Average Start
B Centers : Average Start
C Centers : Average Start
Verdict : Average Start

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