Chitchat with Manasa – Romance is a youthful entertainer
Published on Aug 2, 2013 1:40 am IST

Manasa is making her debut as a heroine with the film ‘Romance’. The movie is gearing up for a release tomorrow in a big way and Manasa is having high expectations on the film. She is a Telugu girl from Vijayawada, but she was born and brought up in Chennai. She quit medicine to become an actress. Let us see what she has to say.

Q. Give us a brief introduction about yourself..

A. I was born in Vijayawada but I was brought up in Chennai. I did my schooling in Chennai. I returned back to Vijayawada to pursue medicine. But I quit after two months and auditioned for a reality show. I was noticed by people and I got calls from few production managers. I ended up doing a very small role in Puri Jagan’s ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’. After that, I waited to make my debut with the right banner. I am glad that I am making my debut with this banner as my reach will be higher.

Q. You gave up medicine for acting. Is acting a childhood dream?

A. I wanted to do medicine as . But I always had an affinity for acting. But I never had any hopes since my family has no filmy connections. But things changed after I got through in the reality show auditions. After that, I convinced my parents. They were apprehensive and they tried to discourage me as no one from my family is connected to films. But I wanted to give it a shot for a year at least.

Q. How did you end up in this project?

A. Maruthi sir saw my pictures and called me for an audition. He liked my performance and felt that I would be a perfect fit for the role of a rebellious young girl. That is how I ended up in this movie.

Q. What can you tell us about your role in this movie?

A. I play the love interest of Prince in the film. I play the role of an aggressive and hard to get girl in the film. The hero manages to win my affection and after we become quite close, he dumps me for another girl. That is when I start extracting revenge and I end up creating problems for the hero.

Q. After becoming an actress, did your perspectives change? Is there a difference between what you expected and what you are seeing here?

A.More than anything else, I was shocked by the amount of hard work that is required as an actor/actress. Before I came into the industry, I thought heroines just apply makeup and look good. But there is so much work involved in this profession. That is one thing that really shocked me.

Q. Romance seems to be an adult comedy. Did you face any uncomfortable moments while acting in it?

A. No, I had good fun. It is only a youthful entertainer that revolves around a college. “colleges lo jargeve memu choopinchamu”. There is nothing odd about my role in the film. I am happy about it.

Q. Apart from acting, what other activities do you enjoy?

A. I am studying English Literature now. I am a dancer and I enjoy aerobics. I also love food, but I am controlling myself since I need to be fit in this field.I also read a lot of books and watch many films.

Q. Have you signed any new Projects?

A. I want to see how viewers react to my performance before I sign any new projects. Based on the feedback I get, I will take a call. I would love to be a part of this industry, so I hope viewers encourage me.

With that, we ended our conversation with Manasa. We hope you enjoyed reading the transcript of our conversation.

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