Exclusive Interview: Director Veerabhadram – I struggled a lot after Bhai
Published on Aug 18, 2016 2:07 pm IST

Director Veerabhadram, got huge fame with comedy capers like Aha Naa Pellanta and Poola Rangadu. Though his last film Bhai, was a flop, he is hoping to strike gold with his new film Chuttalabbai. On the eve of its release, we caught up with him for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts.

Q. How confident are you about Chuttalabbai?

I’m very confident that Chuttalabbai will be a successful film. After Bhai, I wanted to prove myself and wrote this script. The film will have all the commercial elements and I am very hopeful that everyone will thoroughly enjoy this film.

Q. After the failure of Bhai, you took quite a long gap. How difficult was that?

You know the hardships one has to face in the industry. After the failure of Bhai, couple of my projects didn’t materialize and this was quite hurting. Leaving no hope, I met Chuttalabbai’s producers Ram and Venkat and narrated them the script. Even Aadi agreed to do the film right away as soon as he heard the script.

Q. How will Aadi’s characterization be in the film?

His role is very energetic and he plays a happy go lucky guy whose life gets turned around with certain unexpected circumstances.

Q. Did you keep Sai Kumar in mind for the special role ?

Our film had a role which was quite key to the story. I thought of Sai Kumar garu but never expected that he would do it. After hearing the story, he immediately agreed to do it. All his scenes with Aadi have come out quite well.

Q. Did you face any pressure during the filming stages ?

There is always a pressure if your previous film doesn’t work well. But Aadi and I worked very hard as both of us want to hit the bulls eye with this film. The trailer and audio got very good response and the audience is eagerly waiting for the release. Right now there are so many expectations and we are hoping to reach them.

Q. How is it working with a top music director like Thaman?

It is a big boost for our film because of Thaman being a part of it. As there was a good scope for music, I approached him and he gave fantastic music and re- recording.

Q. What are the major highlights of Chuttalabbai?

This is a complete entertainer. I’m not saying it’s a great film but it will cater to all sections with enough comedy and family emotions. Especially Aadi’s energetic performance, Thaman’s music and good production values will be the major highlights of the film.

Q. What are your future projects?

Right now, there are two scripts ready. One will be under a big banner and one will be produced by the makers of Chuttalabbai. Further details will be announced soon.

On that note, we ended our interview with Veerabhadram and wished him luck for his film.

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