Exclusive Interview : Nara Rohit – Naga Shourya and I share common interests
Published on Sep 4, 2016 12:49 pm IST

After his not so successful films in the recent past, Nara Rohit has shifted gears and is back with a romantic comedy in the form of Jyo Atchyutananda. On the eve of the film’s release, we caught up with the soft-spoken Rohit for an exclusive interview. Let’s see what he has to say.

So how does it feel to be back with a love story ?

It feels great. After the failure of my previous films, it was a conscious effort that hit back strongly and what better than this simple and cute love story.

All your previous films were in unique genres. What made you choose this romantic comedy ?

Many do not know that I love romantic comedies. As soon as I heard the script, I connected to it right away. The way the love story has been weaved amidst two brothers attracted me even more.

By the time you said yes to the film, did you know that Naga Shourya was also a part of it ?

Yes ! I was aware of the fact but was also tensed about sharing screen space with Shourya. As the script had a huge bonding between the brothers, I was confused whether I would hit it off well with Shourya or not. Things fell in place when we heard the script together and also did a test shoot. During that time, we bonded well and our chemistry will be one of the major highlights of the film.

Whose choice was it to cast Regina ?

Srinivasa Avasarla was quite clear that he wanted a new girl. But after a lot of discussions, we felt that an experienced and dominating heroine like Regina would do the job quite well.

What do you feel will click with the audience in Jyo Atchyutananda ?

The feel good factor and lot of comedy will surely impress the audience. Today’s youngsters will instantly identify with themselves through our characters.

In stories like these, the climax is very important. So who is going to end up with Regina finally ?

Laughs ! for that you need to watch the film. The climax of the film will be quite thrilling and this was also one of the points which hit me right away when I read the script.

Tell us about your role in the film ?

I play two age groups in the film. Initially, I will be seen as a college student and then as a software engineer. I share a very close bond with my brother and how our lives change with the entrance of Regina is the whole film about.

When is Sankara releasing ?

The film is already waiting for a long time for its release. Frankly speaking, I want the film to release at least three weeks after Jyo as the same pair, Regina and I have acted in it and don’t want the audience to get confused.

Finally, your working experience with Srinivasa Avasarla ?

He is a brilliant director who knows the pulse of the audience well. The way he weaved a simple love story amidst two brothers is just superb. Probably for the first time, I did not involve much in the production as I knew some safe hands like Sai Korrapati and Srinivasa Avasarla are behind this film.

With that we wrapped up the exclusive interview with Nara Rohit and wished him the best of luck for his film.

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