Exclusive Interview : Vishwak Sen- I want to be the next Vijay Sethupati
Published on Sep 18, 2019 11:03 am IST

Within a short period of time actor-director, Vishwak Sen has come a long way in Tollywood and is quite popular. He is doing some interesting work and on this occasion, we caught up with him for an exclusive interview. Let’s see what this young actor has to say.

What did you learn from Falaknuma Das result?

The film has taught me so much personally and professionally. I came to exactly know how the industry operates and what happens within the film circles and why people try to bring you down. I produced the film myself and the film cost me 5 to 6 crores by the time it reached the theaters. I am very happy with the way the film fared. My work as a director was appreciated and the film worked well with a particular section of the audience.

Everyone is talking about your attitude. Do you think such an aggressive nature will work in Tollywood?

This is how I am and I do not beat around the bush. I speak from my heart and did not target anyone during the promotions of Falaknuma Das. All those who are taking digs at my attitude will soon know that I am here to do my work and let my art speak and nothing else.

How was the whole directing experience?

Everything was planned so well that I did not have any hiccups during the shoot. The producer’s job is quite tough but making a film, I felt very easy as a director. As of now, I am writing a bilingual which I will make in Hindi and Telugu. The film will also be on the lines of Falaknuma Das and will have Hyderabadi flavor.

Did you interfere in other director’s crafts now that you are a director yourself?

All my four upcoming films are with newcomers. During the story discussions, I tell them what I feel is right or wrong. But after that during the shoot, I am just an actor and do my job

What kind of roles excite you?

My favorite genre is drama and I love doing films in that zone. As an actor, I like to do roles which are edgy and have something for me to perform. I do not want to be cast as the regular chocolate boy and should be in a position where the directors should think that Vishwak can pull off any given role.

Whom do you see as your inspiration in films?

I love Vijay Sethupati’s work and aspire to be like him. I feel that he does everything with such aplomb and I want to be in that zone and make a name for myself as a complete actor.

Within a short time, you have become quite popular. What has worked for you?

I feel that the audience and fans love me as a person more than an actor. The like the real me and connect to me on a personal basis. That is the reason they are appreciating my work. I have worked very hard to be where I am today and will prove that I am someone who cannot be written off that easily.

How is the industry treating you?

Frankly speaking, I have not met many starts to date. All those who have seen my film have messaged me and wished me luck. Till now, everything looks fine but I am yet to meet the so-called big stars of Tollywood.

What next after Falaknuma Das?

My new film is just ten days away from pack up. Apart from this, there is Pagal and two more films. The next year will be packed with back to back films and I am very excited to shoot them. Pagal is a romantic drama and the other three are different genres.


With that, we ended our interview with Vishwak and wished him the best of luck for his feature films.


—Interviewed by Avad

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