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Interview : Harik – When a myth transforms into a movie “KIRAAK” happens.
Published on Jul 20, 2014 5:13 pm IST


Q) What is Kiraak all about?

Kiraak is about unpredictability. It is about what we see around which we don’t like and still we don’t do anything about it. Kiraak is about 18th century myths still prevailing in 21st century. It is about ignorance, it is about innocence.

Q) What was the inspiration to make “KIRAAK”?

There was no inspiration; there was contemplation. When we look at some atrocities happening around us, few react many don’t. Even we reacted, we made Kiraak. This is our way of reacting.

Q) Is Kiraak a message oriented movie?

Kiraak massages the muscles of laughter and gives message therafter. Message oriented movie doen’t mean it’s an art film. It’s an artistic film. It has romance, fans (hero is a Pawan kalyan fan and heroine is a Mahesh babu fan), dance and suspense.

Q) Why the name “Kiraak” for a message oriented film?

Kiraak is a Hyderabadi Hindi slang word which derives its origin from “crack”, the synonym of the same is unpredictability. It perfectly fits the name as our story is an unpredictable plot (watch out our trailer) which fits the unsual slot of story telling -message giving cinema in a full length commercial format. In short let’s call it “MESC0M” i.e “message oriented commercial movie”.

Q) Hero is a Pawan Kalyan fan; heroine is a Mahesh Babu fan. How is that related to your message oriented thought?

It’s a double bang commercial formula we carefully invested in our cinema. The beauty is how the romance between these two fans blends with the main theme. Every one is using Pawan Kalyan’s name in their movie. We also used him not deliberately but thoughtfully. We added an extra slice of Mahesh babu factor. It’s a tasty sandwich with one bread slice the Pawan Kalyan factor, other slice the Mahesh Babu Factor with the message as butter in-between.

Q) Tasty Sandwich? Who is the upper slice and who is the lower?

(Laughs). Well we don’t keep our sandwich horizontal, we keep it vertical so both slices stand next to each other. Controversial question and a challenging answer, curtains down.

Q) What’s your take on cinema?

If cinema is your passion, then you should also understand it’s the best form of teaching a lesson. Cinema is entertainment and enlightenment. Practically speaking movie making is all about how much we invest and how much we get back. But today’s lot of movie makers are guys who did their education in other professional courses and are turning to movies purely because of passion. For them it’s beyond the money game, it’s a platform where they can speak out their inner voice in an entertaining way and at the same time getting all those who invested their money back.
Three fundamental principles of movie making according to us:
1.) Producer and distributor should get back same or more of what he/she has invested.
2.) Audience should get thoroughly entertained for all the show time.
3.) Message at the end that tickles the grey matter inside your brain and makes you thinks once curtains are down.

Q) You think you can change the society with your cinema?

We are not here to change; we are here to educate. We offer entertainment unlimited in our movies and at the very end we put in a little education. It’s for the audience wether they accept or not. But what ever the result one thing is for sure he gets his entertainment full on.

Q) What if Kiraak see’s success?

“Success is mankind’s biggest tragedy. Once you see it, you never want to leave it. Once you lose it, you will do anything to get it.” We feel we are different as we clearly know in our minds we are not running behind success we are running behind passion. Wether we succeed or otherwise we plan to make different cinema in a decent way.

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