Interview : Lavanya Tripathi- Happy Birthday will be a blockbuster hit
Published on Jul 5, 2022 9:36 pm IST

Happy Birthday is a film that has caught the imagination of many. On the eve of the film’s release, we caught up with heroine Lavanya Tripathi for a detailed chat. Here’s the transcript.

Your reaction when you heard the story?

The surreal thought of gun culture in our society with a crazy backdrop was quite exciting. I loved the idea and the manner in which director Ritesh Rana narrated it. Upon knowing Mythri Movie Makers are producing the film, I said okay to it right away.

Tell us about your role in this film?

I play the role of Happy in this mad film which has a surreal backdrop. Everything related to the story, execution is chaotic and super fun. What happens during my birthday and how things go out of hand is the whole story of the film. I play a very interesting role in the film.

Do you think the audience will lap up this loud comedy?

Only the situations in the film are loud and surreal. But there is absolutely no loud comedy in the film. Everything comes in as per the situation. I had a ball shooting for this film and my character also generates good comedy.

How does it feel to do a female-oriented script?

Generally, female-oriented flicks are always serious but Happy Birthday is a full-on fun film. I should thank Ritesh Rana for thinking of me in such a fun role. As I have only done serious and romantic roles, it was so good to go all out.

How did it feel to have a gun in your hand?

The makeup part was quite tough for this film. Apart from this, carrying a nine-kilo gun most of the time was quite tough. But I had fun carrying these stylized guns and also doing action blocks with them.

Working with director Ritesh Rana?

He is a crazy person and his films have a world of their own. Even though the situations look over the top and have no logic, the way he narrated this film is superb. Happy Birthday will be a blockbuster hit.

The reason behind doing fewer films?

I have been for ten years in the industry. I am quite choosy with my films as I do not want to repeat my roles. I am happy in my space and that is the reason, there is a gap. But I want to do more films now and am also listening to some very interesting projects.

Future Projects?

I am listening to some very interesting scripts in Tamil and Telugu. As of now, I am done with a Tamil film with Atharva.

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