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Interview : Merlapaka Gandhi – Express Raja will have a racy screenplay
Published on Jan 11, 2016 2:19 pm IST

Director Merlapaka Gandhi, who made a decent debut with Venkatadri Express has taken more than a year for his next project. His upcoming film, Express Raja, featuring Sharwananad in lead role is all set to hit the screens on 14th of January. On this occasion, we caught him up for a detailed interview. Let’s see what he has to say.

Q) Why such a long gap after Venkatadri Express?

My first film, Vekatadri Express, was a big hit that eventually increased my responsibilities as a director. To prove myself as a good director, I needed a good story. That’s why it took an year for me to prepare this script.

Q) Any sentiment behind putting ‘express’ for your second film too?

Nothing like that. The film’s screenplay will be racy and so as the hero’s characterization. Also, ‘Express Raja’ is a very catchy title. That’s why we have fixed this title.

Q) What is Express Raja all about?

There are a total of five stories in the movie which are inter linked with each other. The basic plot is a entertaining love story with new kind of characters. Every 15 minutes a new character will appear in the movie and how all these characters related to the protagonist react is Express Raja all about.

Q) Compared to his previous films, how different is the character of Sharwananad ?

Right from his looks to his characterization, Sharwanand will appear in quite a contrasting way when compared to all of his previous films.

Q) How did you bag this offer?

After Run Raja Run, I thought Sharwanand would be perfect for my script. When I approached him, he liked the story immensely and introduced me to UV Creations. That is how I got this offer.

Q) How will the character of Surabhi be in the film ?

She plays Amulya, a college going girl. She is a kind of daredevil who can’t tolerate ‘Betrayal.’

Q) How confident are you about the success of the movie which is releasing amidst stiff competition ?

This is a perfect entertainer for Sankranthi. That’s why, we are pretty confident about the movie.

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