Interview: Nagarjuna- I draw huge inspiration from Amitabh Bachchan
Published on Sep 15, 2016 1:00 am IST

Akkineni Nagarjuna has been doing some very interesting roles off late. Once again, he will be seen in a key role in Nirmala Convent. On this occasion, we caught up with the star for a detailed interview.

Q)You have been choosing some unique content from the past few years. Was this intentional ?

Yes ! Even before Manam, I made up my mind that I will break the mold and pick up some very interesting roles even if they are supporting characters. Luckily, things have worked for me through Manam, Soggade and Oopiri.

Q)What attracted you towards Nirmala Convent ?

As I said earlier, I don’t mind playing supporting roles. When I heard the script of this film, I felt that the subject would click definitely. Then my role was quite interesting and I would be there till the end. All these factors made me sign Nirmala Convent.

Q)Where do you draw inspiration to accept such roles ?

I am a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan and like the way he has been doing films in the last few years. Even though he does supporting roles, it feels like he is the main hero. I want to become something like that and do some meaningful projects.

Q)Your role in the film ?

I play an important character who nudges the hero to win his love. I post obstacles at him and encourage him to go all out for his love.

Q)What made you sing in the film ?

The number sung by A R Ameen was quite good and I kept on humming it all the time. Our music director Roshan heard me sing and requested me to do my version. I was quite happy and did my part.

Q)Working with Srikanth’s son ?

The younger generation is so confident about their job. Roshan is well trained and is a good looking guy. He has all the qualities of a true super star and has been raised quite well by his parents.

Q)How effectively do you follow the web these days ?

I am very much aware of whats going on. I am very fond of fashion, sport and space environment. Profession wise, I do read reviews and find out what is said about my work and try to correct if there are any mistakes. Also, my mother in law gives me a lot of news in the morning daily.

Q)What do you think of the heavy promotions these days ?

People are so busy that they constantly need to be reminded about the film’s release. When a film is made with such a huge cost, there is nothing wrong in promoting it. The makers should use innovative ways to promote the film.

Q)When are you going to do more Hindi films ?

If I get some interesting roles, I will surely do it. In fact, when Ram Gopal Varma was moving to Mumbai, he suggested me to also join Bollywood. But I declined his offer and am happy doing films here where my family is.

Q)Tell us about your son’s projects ?

Both the films are being made under my production. In fact, I will be hearing the complete scripts tomorrow and will take a final call. These films will be made with a lot of money and I want to make sure that everything goes quite well.

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