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Interview: Neha Sshetty – My character Bujji is stronger than it appears
Published on May 27, 2024 3:00 pm IST

Tell us about your role in Gangs of Godavari

I play Bujji in Gangs of Godavari. She starts as a beautiful, elegant, and seemingly vulnerable girl from a wealthy village family. However, there’s a twist – Bujji is much stronger than she appears. The trailers and songs show her as quiet and delicate, but the real surprise is her transformation into a powerful woman. Unlike the typical portrayal of village women as timid and submissive, Bujji’s journey is about finding her strength.

How did you prepare for your role?

Preparing for this role was an immersive experience. The film is set in the 1990s and follows the lives of Rathnakar (Vishwak Sen) and Bujji. Our director, Krishna Chaitanya, wanted an authentic 90s feel, so he referenced senior actress Sobhana Garu for my look, including kajal, saree draping, and hairstyle. I’ve maintained the same hair color for a year to stay true to Bujji’s character. Acting from that era was all about subtle, inward expressions that conveyed both vulnerability and strength. Bujji’s dialect also reflects her wealthy background, differing from Rathnakar’s more local Godavari accent. The film spans from youth to maturity, deeply exploring the emotional landscape of a woman’s life.

How was your experience working with Vishwak Sen?

Working with Vishwak Sen was fantastic. We knew each other before this film, which made our romantic scenes comfortable and natural. Our chemistry translated well on screen, and our scenes together turned out beautifully.

What would you like to say about the director?

Krishna Chaitanya is an incredible director and an even better person. Though he is a man of few words, his storytelling is powerful and nuanced. He drew from his own experiences growing up in the Godavari region, adding authenticity and depth to the film. It was an honour to work with someone with such a clear vision and personal connection to the story.

What was your experience with Anjali?

Working with Anjali was a delight. We had a few scenes together, and there was always a healthy, friendly competition between us. She’s very bubbly and engages with everyone on set. But once the director says “action,” she completely immerses herself in the role. As a seasoned actress, her performance is inspiring and elevates the scenes we share.

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