Interview : Sai Tej – Solo Bratuke is quite close to my real life
Published on Dec 23, 2020 7:37 pm IST

Solo Bratuke So Betteru is gearing up for a big release this 25th of December and promotions are in full swing. On this occasion, we caught up with hero Sai Dharam Tej for a detailed interview. Here is the transcript.

What is the film about?

Our lives are not in our hands from the time we are born. In different stages of our lives, we are controlled by mothers, wives, and later kids. So, the story is about a guy who wants his happiness at any cost and decides to stay single. So, what hurdles does he face is the whole story.

Looks like it is close to your real-life story as well now?

Yes, I am enjoying my bachelorhood as of now. My mother is after me to get married but thanks to lockdown things got extended by a year now. I am trying to evade my marriage but that looks it is not going to happen.

You are risking the release in such a crunch time. aren’t you scared?

We are scared but unless and until someone from the industry comes ahead, how will things get back to normal. That is the only reason, I am ahead and promoting the film aggressively. If my film does well, a number of films will come out and that will help the industry big time.

Do you think the film will be commercially viable?

I am sure it will do well as the first day tickets have been sold out in a number of theatres. This is a good sign and we are very confident about the product and that is the reason also we are aggressively promoting the film. Also, I feel that it has been quite some time since the audience has seen a proper masala Telugu film in theatres. My producers are also in a safe zone as of now so there is no danger.

Why did you change your name to Sai Tej? Is there a numerology effect on it?

Laughs. No, nothing of that sort. Just to make things effective and keep my name easy, I made it like that. Like many are saying, there is no numerology angle in it.

Tell us about the songs in the film?

Yes, Thaman has done a superb job with the music. All the songs have clicked quite well and my favorite is No Pell. I play that song on a daily basis and my mom gets super upset listening to that song as it says no to the wedding. On a serious note, the songs will come at the correct time in the film.

What’s your plan on the day of the release?

I am watching the film at RTC crossroads on day one and if the time persists, will go to other theatres as well. On my behalf, I have decided to do what is best for the film and take it deep into the audience.

What advice have you given to your brother Vaishnav?

I am always there to support him no matter what but do not advise him much. He needs to take care of himself and learn from his mistakes. He has done two films already and has a long career ahead.

Future projects?

As of now, I am doing Deva Katta’s film which is 60% complete. Also, I have one film with Sukumar’s assistant and that is the mystic thriller.

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