Interview: Sampath Nandi – It is my dream to work with Power Star
Published on Dec 8, 2015 8:45 pm IST

Sampanth Nandi became a star director with the success of Racha. His latest presentation is Bengal Tiger which is gearing up for a grand release on December 10th. On this occasion, we caught up with Sampath for a detailed interview. Let’s see what he has to say.

Q)Is there any specific reason to have ‘Bengal Tiger’ as the title?

Ever since the title was announced, so many people speculated that the movie is a powerful police story with Kolkata as a backdrop. But this is a complete Telugu story with Ravi Teja having the skills of the ferocious Bengal Tiger.

Q)What is Bengal Tiger all about ?

Bengal Tiger is an out and out commercial movie but the characterization of the hero would be very different. The flashback episode will be a huge highlight of the movie.

Q)How differently are you showcasing Ravi Teja’s character ?

As said earlier, I have presented Ravi Teja in quite a new way. His role will be quite cunning and entertain the audience big time.

Q)Why did you cast cast Boman Irani?

In the movie, there is a CM character. He should have a royal look and should also perform well. So we approached him and Boman has done a wonderful job in the film.

Q)What is the necessity to have two heroines?

Both Tamannah and Raashi have prominent roles. They are glamorous and at the same time performed hugely well.

Q)What was your reaction when your film with Power Star was cancelled?

These kind of situations are very common in film industry. It was my dream to do a film with him, but due to some unexpected situations the project was shelved. I felt very bad for some time but moved ahead in life.

Q)Tell us your journey with Ravi Teja?

He is a wonderful human being with a lot of energy. He can bring a lot of depth to a scene with his performance.

Q)What are the highlights of Bengal Tiger?

Ravi Teja himself is the major highlight of the film. Apart from that, the six minute flashback episode and comedy scenes are the other highlights. Everyone will be thoroughly entertained.

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