Interview : Sree Vishnu – Om Bheem Bush has a new point which is told entertainingly
Published on Mar 20, 2024 4:03 pm IST

Sree Vishnu

Sree Vishnu, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Priyadarshi’s fun entertainer Om Bheem Bush is all set to arrive in cinemas this Friday. The movie is directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti of Husharu fame. V Celluloid and Sunil Balusu produced the film. UV Creations is presenting it. Ahead of the release, Sree Vishnu interacted with the media, and here is the transcript.


You are receiving a lot of applause for the Om Bheem Bush trailer. How are you feeling about it?

I am very happy. Harsha gave me a new idea. Generally, we stick to one genre. But Om Bheem Bush has a unique point that no one has attempted before. We thought of telling it in an entertaining way. If we narrate a new point in a new way, some might not connect to the film. If we offer entertainment along with a new point, there is a high chance that our purpose will be served.


Did you decide to name the film Om Bheem Bush when the script was locked?

We had two to three titles on our minds. After watching the first cut, Vamsi Garu said Om Bheem Bush would be the right title for this movie. The other titles we considered were English titles. I generally prefer Telugu titles. The majority of the film preferred Om Bheem Bush, and we went ahead with it.


You seem to give more importance to titles. What do you do while choosing a title?

I generally show more interest in titles because that is the driving factor for any movie. Young chaps prefer to come up with catchy and interesting titles, and I will give my suggestions for every title.


When you listen to a script, what elements do you consider to save your market?

I don’t think that way. If I start thinking that my market should improve significantly, I can’t focus on other aspects. Before starting a project, I will check if the film will be safe for my producer. There will be fluctuations in market value for every hero. I will make sure my market doesn’t go down.


What care did you take regarding the comedy department in Om Bheem Bush?

We didn’t take any extra pressure. We didn’t think about our previous movies. We made sure we were giving our best to the movie. There are five comedy blocks in the movie where you will laugh your hearts out. You shouldn’t think about logic, as we informed you earlier.


Will there be paid premiers for Om Bheem Bush, just like Samajavaragamana?

The work regarding the last reel is happening currently. For the past one week, we have been working around the clock. There is a 99% probability for paid premiers. We would love to show the film to the audience in advance.

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