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Interview : Tamannah – No other actress could have pulled off Abhinetri
Published on Sep 26, 2016 10:05 pm IST

The trailers of Abhinetri have created a superb buzz off late. Star heroine Tamannah, plays a central role in this film which is up for release this Dussera. On this occasion, we caught up with her for a detailed interview.

Q) Firstly, how difficult was it to shoot in three languages at a time ?

It is very tiring. I am exhausted and have decided that I will never accept a trilingual in the near future.

Q) Why such a drastic decision ?

We shot this film in 58 days in all the three languages. The amount of hard work we have put in to shoot the film simultaneously was very painful. I had to switch on and off from one character to the other and this took a toll on me.

Q) Whose idea was it to make the film in Telugu ?

After I came on board, I suggested that the film should also be made in Telugu as I have a good market here.

Q) How exciting was it to work with Prabhu Deva ?

It was hugely exciting. I remember the day I had to shoot a song with him, I did not sleep the previous night. Also, he is a very simple man who has no airs about his stardom. He is very chilled out and the moment the camera is on, he gets very serious about his work.

Q) So how good are the dances are going to be in this film ?

There is one song which is the biggest highlight of the film. I am very confident that no actress could have attempted a film like this in the recent times.

Q) Do you play a double role in the film ?

No ! My character has two shades. I will be seen as a village belle and also as an actress. I have done a lot of hard work for my role and tried out different things as an actress for this film.

Q) Do you think this film will appeal in all the languages ?

Yes ! that is the reason, we made it in three languages. Even though the concept of horror comedy is not new in Tollywood, for Bollywood the film will be hugely exciting. Also, as our film has a simple storyline, the emotions will connect with every section of the audience.

Q) So, how scary is the film going to be ?

The film has no bloodshed and is not an out and out horror film. There are glimpses of horror which have been narrated in a very interesting way.

Q) How important is it to do lady-oriented films ?

I think it is the right time to do a female-oriented film. I am in the correct phase to attempt such films which have so much scope for me to perform.

Q) What made you do an item song in Jaguar ?

I want to clarify one thing to everyone. Why are special songs looked upon so down in the south? Superstars have done special songs in Hindi and the culture is slowly moving to Telugu. If our name and glamor add to the film, what’s wrong in it. Also, the money given is huge for these songs. So why not.

Q) How is Baahubali shaping up ?

The climax has been shot and I have some portions of mine yet to be filmed.

Q) When are you getting married ?

Laughs ! I am very busy in my career and want to do more films as of now. Marriage can easily wait.

Q) Your upcoming films ?

Other than Baahubali and Abhinetri, I am yet to sign a film. I will be shooting for my next Tamil film with Shimbu from the first week of October.

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