Interview : Varun tej – I want be an actor more than a star
Published on Dec 15, 2015 2:00 pm IST

Varun Tej is busy promoting his third film Loafer which is up for a release this Thursday. On this occasion, we caught up with him for a detailed interview. Here is the transcript.

Q) What made you sign Loafer ?

I always wanted to do different films in my career. After Kanche, I felt that I should showcase my commercial angle and who better than Puri Jagan to showcase me in such manner.

Q) Were you ok with the title Loafer ?

Initially, I found it quite odd but as the shoot progressed, I felt Loafer is the apt title. You will know it better once you watch the film.

Q) What preparation did you undergo for your role ?

I never underwent any preparation and blindly followed Puri garu and did what he asked.

Q) What kind of image are you expecting with this film ?

I don’t want to get into any image and that is the reason I am doing different films. Frankly speaking, I want to be an actor more than a star.

Q) What kind of role are you playing in the film ?

I play a conman who is quite rash in life. My look has also been designed on these lines.

Q) Tell us about your working experience with Revathi and Posani ?

Revathi mam is such a senior actress and our chemistry has worked out quite well, especially in the emotional scenes. I share a very interesting bond with Posani garu and all our scenes are quite funny.

Q) What is your favourite Puri Jagan film ?

I loved Badri, Idiot and Pokiri. The way Puri showcases his heroes is superb and I am very lucky that I got to do a film with him so early in my career.

Q) When will you do a multi-starrer ?

I would love to do a film with anyone in my family. It would be huge fun working with them.

Q) How different are you from other heroes in the mega family ?

Everybody has their own aura and following. Coming to me, I feel that I am doing different films and trying to establish myself as an actor.

Q) What do you have to say about the recent slogans that mega fans shouted during the audio launch ?

I have no problem with all those things and Prabhas anna also took it quite easy. I cannot point it as a mistake and it is because of fans that we are here.

Q) Your working experience with Disha Patani ?

Oh ! I had a great time working with her. She looks gorgeous and is a fantastic dancer. All our scenes have come out quite well.

Q) What are your future projects ?

A film with Krish is in talks currently. I want to take a break and work on my fitness.


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