Interview : Venkat Boyanapalli – Nani will shock you in Shyam Singha Roy
Published on Dec 11, 2021 5:47 pm IST


Shyam Singha Roy is a film that is all set to release on the 24th of this month. On this occasion, we caught up with producer Venkat Boyanapalli for a brief chi chat. Here is the transcript.


How anxious are you about the film’s release?

We have worked so hard on the film and have a perfect date for release. This is my dream project and it is no less than a spectacle for the fans of Nani. We are done with all formalities and are super happy with the end product.


Having such a huge budget for a Nani film. How do you support it?

From day one, we believed in the story. The film has a huge span and it is only Nani’s confidence that made me put such a huge budget for the film. One will only understand the scale after watching the film on the big screen.


Problems faced while producing the film?

Everyone says that we faced so many budget issues to make this film which is not true. The only problem we faced was with our set getting washed away in rain. Apart from that, the shoot happened in a smooth manner.


Tell us about the locales and outdoor shoot of this film?

The film was shot extensively in Calcutta and in a village 400 km from the city. Otherwise, we also erected a set at Shankerpalli here to shoot some portions.


About Nani’s performance?

Nani has done a solid job in his two roles. His fans will be thrilled to see Nani in a new avatar. More than me, Nani believed in the script and drove our film forward.

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