A new book on Ram Gopal Varma

14th, June 2012 - 09:39:56 AM

A new book on maverick movie maker Ram Gopal Varma is coming out and its title is ‘Vodka with Varma’. The author of this book is his longtime fan and follower, Telugu lyricist Sira Sri. This new book reportedly has a lot of ‘spicy’ content on Varma, including accounts of his affairs, controversies and hitherto unknown facts. Sira Sri has given the chapters in his book names like pegs, soda, muchings etc.

Apparently, RGV has no connection whatsoever to this book and it seems he is eager to get his hands on the copy once it is out. “I am tired of listening to good things about myself. So I am quite looking forward to hear the bad things about me”, is what RGV reportedly said when asked about the same. Knowing RGV, let us see if this book really is as ‘spicy’ as it claims to be.