After a huge jolt, national award gave me a new energy: Dil Raju

Last few days have been a mixed bag for one of Tollywood’s leading producers, Dil Raju. The producer lost his wife a couple of weeks ago, sending him into a cocoon ever since. And it took a national award to bring Dil Raju back in the groove.

Speaking about the national award for Shatamanam Bhavathi, Dil Raju said that he felt that he has lost everything in his life following his wife’s demise and that the national award has given him a new energy after facing a huge jolt.

Terming the national award ‘special’, Dil Raju said that he has been into filmmaking for the last 14 years and that his 25th movie is under production. He further said that he considers the national award a god given gift and the government’s boost to make him more responsible and produce many more films with family values​.