Agree to disagree: Kamal’s idea of Democracy

Stalwart actor-director Kamal Haasan is one man who always speaks his mind despite several fringe groups vehemently target him and his movies. Now that Kamal stepped into active politics and is constantly making bold statements, he is being constantly criticized by trolls.

But Kamal has a totally different view regarding freedom of expression. He said in a latest interview with a popular English daily, “Any politician who speaks his mind will get into trouble, but will also get out of trouble. Because you are speaking your mind, it is not going to please everybody. There is going to be a percentage of the population who will disagree with it. But that is the idea of democracy — agree to disagree”.

Kamal has just begun hosting the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil. And on other days, he is juggling politics and movies. His upcoming film, Vishwaroopam 2, is slated for release on August 10.