Amid Chicago scandal, US authorities question young heroine

Recently, the Chicago police arrested a Telugu NRI couple who allegedly pimped a few Tollywood heroines to solicit NRIs. In wake of this shameful scandal, the US authorities are taking strict measures to prevent any future incidents.

However, the entire scandal has now turned a huge embarrassment to happening young actress Mehreen in an unexpected way. Mehreen was reportedly questioned by the US Department of Homeland & Immigration authorities at a US airport while she was returning from Vancouver, Canada.

“I am shocked. It was so embarrassing. I was constantly travelling and wasn’t aware of the emergence of news regarding such illegitimate activities. As an actress, I have got my recognition from the Telugu film industry. It is my bread and butter. When I revealed that I was a Telugu actress, I was questioned for 30 minutes,” said Mehreen, speaking to a leading English daily.