Anushka talks about pay disparity in film industry

Star heroine Anushka’s upcoming horror thriller, Bhaagamathie, is all set for a grand release on January 26. Bhaagamathie is releasing in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages and Anushka has been promoting the movie quite aggressively.

In her latest interview with a leading English daily, Anushka opened up about the never ending discussion on pay disparity between male and female actors in the film industry. While many actress in Bollywood and even South demand an equal pay, Anushka has a completely different take on the issue.

“In any profession, one needs to earn it to be paid more. Heroes are paid more because they have a lot to lose. A lot of films ride on their shoulders and I think they deserve better pay scale. Instead of fighting for better pay scale, why not write better stories for women and showcase them in stronger roles,” Anushka said.