Balayya is a great man: Ramesh Puppala

Ramesh Puppala, who is producing the movie ‘Srimannarayana’ with Nandamuri Balakrishna,had something interesting to say about the star hero. “Many people scared me about Bala Krishna before I met him, but if I hadn’t produced this movie, I would have missed out on a great individual”, he said.“He is a man of great discipline. He is very friendly with everyone and used to just mix with people on the set. But when shooting started he would transform into the hero role that he fits well. That is Balayya. This movie could be completed so quickly because of his cooperation and talent. He is a great man”, Puppala went on to say.

Parvathi Melton and Isha Chawla are the heroines in this movie. The story focuses on the problems faced by a journalist who tries to be genuine and help the society.