Bhagyashree To Learn Telugu For ‘2 States’ Remake

Yesteryear actress Bhagyashree, who’s all set to make her comeback in Telugu after two decades, has already made up her mind to make people sit upright and take notice. In a recent interview, she revealed that she has decided to learn Telugu properly to deliver her lines in the movie.

“In the 90s, while I was active in films, I could completely understand Telugu properly and also deliver my lines. However, I’ve lost touch over the years. And I am not the kind of actress who takes prompting or reads from placards. Hence, I’m going to learn Telugu for this role,” she said. The actress will be seen in Shivani Rajasekhar’s mother in this romantic drama which also stars Adivi Sesh.

While the original story had a Punjabi boy falling in love with a Tamil Brahmin, the remake in Telugu has a Telugu boy romancing a Bengali Brahmin girl. Venkat Reddy is going to direct the film.