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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu- Is this the reason for Tasty Teja’s exit?
Published on Nov 5, 2023 11:11 pm IST

Bigg Boss 7 is going great guns and ever since the new housemates have come in, the show has become even more exciting. This week, Tasty Teja has been eliminated and this happened only because of his overconfidence and cunning game.

Well, the one who was supposed to go is Amardeep but in the last two days his game has really improved and this resulted in a lot of votes for him. Naturally, he got saved and this sent Teja into the danger zone.

Tasty Teja has entertained one and all from the beginning but the manner in which he teamed up with Shobha Shetty and only gossipped with her has not gone well with the fans of the show.

This year, the Bigg Boss show is on fire and all those who are fake on the show are being eliminated one after the other. Let’s see what happens next.

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