BVS Ravi rubbishes reports about his arrest

5th, April 2014 - 04:42:16 PM

Writer BVS Ravi has denied media reports that he was arrested on the charges of drunken driving. The incident occurred yesterday night when the police stopped his car as a part of a routine check-up for drunken driving incidents in Hyderabad. BVS Ravi was accompanied by Ravi Teja when the police stopped their vehicle.

Denying reports that he was arrested, BVS Ravi posted on Twitter saying, “I’m at home very much n the news of arrest and all is just a media blow up. Thank u. I’m a teetotaller.” Currently, BVS Ravi is working on a bunch of projects as a writer and his most recent project was Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummedha which he had worked on, along with Gopimohan and Kona Venkat.

Last year, BVS Ravi had co-produced a film titled ‘Second Hand’