Censoring should not be done in the modern world: Kamal

4th, February 2016 - 11:22:16 AM

Recently, legendary thespian and filmmaker Kamal Haasan has been appointed as a member of the censor board reform committee which aims to revamp the policies and perspectives of the CBFC to catch up with the modern times.

In his latest interview to a national media house, Kamal made a few striking comments about censorship. “Censoring, I think, should not be done in the modern world. Censor is an ugly word in a democratic country,” said the versatile star.

When asked if not having censorship in the current socio-political climate is plausible, Kamal said, “It should be possible, otherwise, don’t call it a democracy. Give it another hard-hitting, name like surrogate democracy.”

The Universal Star will deliver a keynote address on freedom of speech and on the topic India in ‘Transition — Opportunities and Challenges’ at the prestigious Harvard University on February 6-7.