Director apologizes to Tamannaah


Yesterday, we reported that actress Tamannaah blasted Suraj, the director of her latest release Okkadochadu, for his sexist comments on heroines in his recent interview.

Talking about Tamannaah’s glamorous treat in Okkadochadu, Suraj said in an interview that heroines are being paid crores of rupees so they should wear skimpy costumes and ‘look glamorous’.

Suraj’s derogatory comments sparked off a huge uproar in the southern film industries, with many heroines openly lambasting the director. Tamannaah publicly demanded Suraj to apologize to her and fellow heroines for his sexist comments.

Responding quickly to the growing dissent, director Suraj issued a press release in which he apologized to Tamannaah and all the heroines in the industry and said that he is taking back his comments.