Director reveals interesting details about Tiger Nageswara Rao’s biopic

Recently, popular producer Anil Sunkara announced his next production, a biopic on the notorious thief ‘Tiger’ Nageswara Rao. Tiger hailed from Stuartpuram village near Chirala, Andhra Pradesh. He was one of the most ruthless thieves in South India in the 70s.

In a latest interview, the film’s director Vamsi Krishna revealed several interesting details about Tiger Nageswara Rao and what inspired him to make a biopic on a thief. Vamsi said that he was deeply inspired by Mani Ratnam’s Nayakudu and had always wanted to make a biopic.

“Society in general knows Nageswara Rao only as a thief. But he was a Robin Hood for the poor. He used to distribute the proceeds from his burglaries among the poor. He helped many destitute people and sponsored the education of many students. So, there’s a very humane side to him,” the director explained further. A popular actor will play Tiger’s role in this movie.