Directors Are Responsible For My Success : Allu Arjun

Success in the film industry for actors, directors, producers and almost everyone involved is often elusive. It requires persistence, hard work and an attitude to accept mistakes and learn from them. And for those who taste success, the entire credit is usually taken by them without acknowledging the efforts of a team. Stylish star Allu Arjun is an exception to this, as he credits directors for his success on the silver screen. He says, “The name I’ve made for myself as an actor and the success I’ve achieved in movies has been made possible by the directors I’ve worked with. Although a team effort is necessary, it is usually the director who works the hardest. Even in my latest movie ‘Julai’ it was Trivikram who put in the most work”.

Allu Arjun also praised the Telugu audience, “People have been recognizing my efforts and talent irrespective of the movie and have been helping me grow one step at a time. I view any movie I perform in as two parts; the story and songs. Devi Sri has done an amazing job with the songs and he is already well recognized. My movies have tasted success in Malayalam since ‘Aarya’ and we have plans to release ‘Julai’ on the 17th of this month”.

Trivikram had words of praise for Allu Arjun too, “We worked very hard to get a good storyline, and Bunny never asked me why or what about details he trusted me completely and I am very happy for that”. Devi Sri Prasad said that he watched the movie with the audience and felt that it was receiver very well. Producers D.V.V. Danayya and S.R. Krishna were present at the event.