Do Kamal and Shankar have a surprise in store for fans?

21st, September 2017 - 01:51:53 PM

Stalwart actor Kamal Haasan and maverick director Shankar had joined forces more than a couple of decades ago and the result was the iconic blockbuster, Bharatheeyudu (Indian). Until recently, there were reports that Kamal and Shankar will team up once again for Bharatheeyudu’s sequel.

If the ongoing buzz in Tamil film circles is anything to go by, Shankar and Kamal have been meeting of late and are discussing the possibility of bringing out Bharatheeyudu’s sequel. Apparently, the second part will have Kamal’s character waging war on the current corrupt political system. We will have to wait until early next year to see if both Kamal and Shankar will offer a huge surprise to their fans.