Film Industry waiting eagerly for 5!

The entire Telugu Film Industry, and quite possibly Bollywood and Hollywood as well, is waiting with bated breath for the 5. In case you still did not figure it out, it is the iPhone 5, the latest cell phone from Cupertino. Apple’s newest star gadget will be revealed to a very anxious crowd on September 12th in San Francisco.

The iPhone is the phone of choice for many in the Telugu Film Industry and it has become a status symbol. Producers, actors,directors, lyricists – the iPhone is popular among every segment of the industry. Stars have always been seen with the latest version of the iPhone and the current hot topic among the young crowd in Filmnagar is the iPhone 5 launch.

Should the new iPhone be as beautiful as its predecessors, you can safely expect to see the new gadgets posing in the hands of Tollywood’s top stars.