How film makers woo corporate movie goers

When Dil Raaju had a song on students of Chaitanya College many wondered about the rationale behind it. The producer in one of the TV shows the cat out of the bag when he said that he was assured of a sale of over 2 lac tickets for the movie. He was of course referring to the students (in various branches of Chaitanya) and their immediate families. Shah Rukh took the whole thing one step ahead when he shared stage with Google employees (in Hyderabad) yesterday as part of promoting his forthcoming film Don 2. There is a healthy buzz about the video being uploaded in You Tube. With the enthusiasm of a few star stuck geeks driving it the viral value of the video could be huge in terms of sheer publicity generated. Put simply SRK would have to end up spending a lot of money to generate this level of buzz. As it is he has got front page coverage in one of India’s leading newspapers.