I have never disappointed my directors: Trisha

Chennai cutie Trisha has been around for a long time now. She has been a part of some major hits in the south Indian film circuit. But lately, success has been eluding her. When asked by a leading Telugu daily about this, Trisha had some interesting things to say. “If a movie becomes successful, the heroine in it doesn’t get too much of a good name. However, if the movie does not do well there are people who blame the heroine big time although a good performance is given. First give the due credit to an actress in a successful movie, then we will gladly accept our share of responsibility for a flop”, she says. Point taken Trisha.

With a smile, Trisha also said that she never disappointed her directors. “I have never disappointed directors or producers who put their faith in me for a challenging role. I always give my 100% to my projects”, she said.

Trisha is a capable performer, so lets hope she bounces back with some good roles soon.