“I need to move on,” says Sudeep

14th, July 2012 - 10:04:07 PM

The phenomenal success of Eega has hit Sudeep like a bolt of lightening. Right from Rajinikanth to some of the biggest Telugu actors like Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu have been raving about his performance. Almost every critic has written glorious things about his acting in the film and the audiences can’t have enough of him as the villain who’s tormented by the fly. Recently, when he went on a success tour along with Eega’s team, he was stunned with the response from the public. Naturally, all this has affected him as a person and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has been an overwhelming experience for him. Sharing his thoughts, Sudeep tweeted, “Bk at b’lore nw..feel a vacume around..Need to move on,,need to explore,,need to find a new excitement.Life hs been sweet n so hv all u frnz. Feel a high wth th success,,n also can see th road ahead,,need to walk firm,,I shall tk leave fr th day n rest myslf a bit..Kp smilin-kiccha.” One of his recent Kannada films Kiccha Huccha is being dubbed in Telugu as Kiccha and there’s a possibility that lot more Telugu filmmakers would approach him for their future projects. The question is will Sudeep agree to act in another Telugu film as a villain or will his commitments in Kannada film industry keep him busy for a long time? Only time will tell.