I take criticism on a positive note: Shruti Haasan

8th, September 2013 - 10:07:37 PM


Shruti Haasan has had a very bad debut be it in Bollywood or Tollywood and she was written off, however she got over the image pretty soon and is going on at a rocket pace with back to back hits in both the industries. She seems to have learnt certain lessons and has said that “I have seen people who have praised when my movie was a hit and criticised my acting skills when the film was a dud. However I don’t bother about such things and I only feel that hard work and dedication will eventually lead us to success”.

Adding further she said “I do take criticism with an open mind so that I can introspect myself and check from time to time if I am really lacking behind and at the same time I never take praises to my heart as I may become strong headed which is not a good quality”.