I want to marry someone who connects with me: Anushka

Over the past couple of years, Bhaagamathie actress Anushka’s marriage has been one of the most speculated topics. A section of media spreaded rumors linking Anushka with her Baahubali co-star Prabhas. However, both the actors refuted the rumors saying that they are just good friends.

In her latest interview post Bhaagamathie’s success, Anushka opened up about her marriage. “I totally believe in marriage, but I want to get married and have children at the right time and when I meet someone who connects with me. I like children very much but I don’t want to marry out of compulsion,” she said.

Anushka further added that her parents respect what she feels and do not force her to get married now. “When I was 20, they started telling me to get married. But it has to come at the right time and they know the person that I am. They respect what I feel and don’t pressurize me anymore,” Anushka said.