Kajal’s smart NO to Bollywood

Among south Indian heroines, the craze to act in Bollywood films is high. The wider appeal, higher pay and the international fame are usually the biggest draws. Recently starlets like Asin have shifted to Mumbai in a bid to gain a strong foothold in Bollywood. An exception to this trend seems to be Kajal Agarwal.

She recently said no to a Yash Raj film opposite Shahid Kapoor and instead cast her lot behind a Vijay starrer in Tamil. She has also teamed up with her Magadheera co-star Ram Charan for a V V Vinayak film..This is a very smart move. After Genelia’s marriage and Anushka’s inexplicable slow down, the southern industry is running low on glamour. Kajal, Samantha, Ileana and Tamanna are among the few heroines left to cater to top heroes. Apart from this, Asin has not exactly tasted a lot of success in Bollywood either. So Kajal has taken a wise decision.

This move to stick to South could pay very huge dividends this year.