Kamal Haasan Clarifies On His Political Rivalry With Rajinikanth

12th, January 2018 - 01:30:36 AM

With Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan joining politics this year, it is pretty clear that the Tamil Nadu political scenario is going to be dramatic. While Rajinikanth has already announced that he’s launching a new party, it looks like both Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan won’t be joining hands on the political front.

Recently, when someone asked if he’s going to oppose his peers from the film industry, including Rajinikanth, if their political views differ, Kamal Haasan said, “People ask me if I will make my friends as enemies in this (political) journey. I won’t make my friends my enemies & do that blame game politics to withstand & get a place in politics. That won’t be my way and even people won’t like that.”

Meanwhile, the actor is busy working on his app, which he’s going to launch later this month. The app is intended for the general public to raise their voice on several issues.