Luck Does Not Bring Success: Tapsee

29th, August 2012 - 12:58:33 PM

Punjabi beauty Tapsee has a busy schedule for the rest of 2012 with her involvement in Venkatesh’s ‘Shadow’ and Lakshmi Manchu’s ‘Gundello Godaari’. But this soft-skinned girl has a hard inner shell, and she does not believe that luck brings success in life. “The industry gives way too much importance to the word luck. They make people believe that an budding actor’s fate can be overturned with one movie. Although there are instances where that became true, it does not apply to everyone. Sure, your fate changes with one movie, but it is your effort that decides the movie’s outcome” she said.

She also went on to say “I did not know much before I came into movies except dance. I’ve learnt what I know about acting after getting here. Every movie teaches me something new, and no matter how many movies you perform in you will never become a complete actor. This is because there are no bounds to the skill of acting”.

Lets hope Tapsee scores a few good hits with her upcoming films.