Mohan Babu saves Kona Venkat

Collection King Dr. Mohan Babu is a hero in real life too. He turned saviour for writers Kona Venkat and BVS Ravi in New York. No, he did not bash up any baddies. What happened was a fairly funny and slightly embarrassing incident.

Apparently, Kona Venkat and BVS Ravi were in New York to narrate a story to Mohan Babu and Vishnu. They took up a room adjacent to Mohan Babu’s place and the narration was on. In the course of the day, after attending to nature’s call, both Venkat and Ravi were uncomfortable using tissue papers and apparently used some of the coffee mugs in the room as makeshift buckets.

This was found out by the landlady and she went ballistic. Dr. Mohan Babu had to intervene and he ended up paying US$ 500 as fine after pacifying the lady. That is one nature’s call any of them will not forget in a while. Dr. Mohan Babu shared this with his followers on twitter.