Nag is all praise for “Annie” in Rajanna

In Rajanna, Nag revealed that Mallamma has a more meatier and lengthier role than anyone else in the film. The role he said was played by a child artiste called Annie. He expressed regret that his character does not even get to share one shot with Annie, even though she plays his daughter in the film. To another query Nag revealed that it is not an exact retelling of history, but was quick to add that the protagonist Rajanna was based on the story of Suddala Hanumanthu. He expressed confidence that the movie would be accepted by all sections of the society and dismissed fears about it raking any controversies.

Nagarjuna also had a special word of praise for Rajamouli and his wife Rama. He said the emotional thread of the film was intricately woven by Rajamouli, who even directed a few key action sequences. Rama, the actor revealed, was the creative force behind Rajanna’s costumes and look.