Nani opens up about Mani Ratnam film

Last year, Nani teamed up with legendary auteur Mani Ratnam for the first time when he dubbed for Dulquer’s role in OK Bangaram. Months later, Nani surprised everyone when he bagged a film under Mani Ratnam’s direction and this time as an actor. Sadly, after a couple of months-long discussions, Mani Ratnam shelved the project.

In his latest promotional interview for his February 12 release, Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha, Nani clarified that a film with Mani sir is very much on. Nani revealed that Mani found similarities between his script and a recently released Bollywood film and dropped his project to work on a new script.

Apparently, Mani Ratnam told Nani that the two will surely be working for a project in the future. Needless to say, Nani is thrilled with his association with his favorite director.