No movie releases from March 1

In a stunning move, the Telugu Film Producer’s Council (TFPC) has decided to not release any new movie starting from March 1, 2018. This is to counter the monopoly of the existing Digital Service Providers (DSPs) that’s causing severe issues to the producers during their film releases.

Following an emergency meeting that was held recently, the TFPC has sent a letter to the private DSPs – UFO, Qube, PXD and Scrabble, informing them of its decision to close all the theaters and stall the release of new movies from March 1 until their issues are resolved. The council has also sought producers’ co-operation and requested them to not plan any shootings after March 1, 2018.

Several big and low budgeted movies are scheduled to release in summer next year and hundreds of crores of rupees are riding on them. The film fraternity is hoping that this stalemate situation will soon find an amicable solution.