Now, Mahesh supports KTR’s ambitious initiative

5th, January 2017 - 10:20:55 PM

Recently, Telangana’s Minister for IT and Municipal Administration, KTR, kick-started an ambitious “Save Handlooms” initiative. KTR’s mission is to make sure the dying weaving art to rise from its ashes.

As part of spreading awareness for his campaign, KTR wore hand woven clothes, took a picture and tagged it to celebs like Kamal Haasan, Mahesh Babu, Vivek Oberoi and Sania Mirza etc. Kamal and Sania have already supported the initiative.

Just a while ago, Mahesh Babu took to Twitter and tweeted, “All my support for this great initiative! #WearHandloom”. Needless to say that this support from stars will create a major awareness among their fans, which, in turn, will help the handloom weavers and the art itself.