Pawan Kalyan responds on caste based politics

1st, February 2016 - 04:42:33 PM

By now, everyone knows about the horrible incident that happened in Tuni yesterday night. An entire police station and the famous Ratnachal express were set on fire by an angry mob who were demanding special status for their caste.

Reacting strongly to this, Power star Pawan Kalyan cancelled his shoot in Kerala and headed straight to Hyderabad to address the media. Speaking to the press a short while ago, Pawan revealed that he is deeply shocked by the way some anti social activists have gone about their deeds.

Adding further, Pawan said that movements like these should be dealt with non violence and then only a clearer solution can be achieved. He also clarified to the press that he is not here to represent any caste and is only speaking for the good of everyone.