Powerful dialogues to pack a punch in Khakee

10th, November 2017 - 02:00:49 PM

The teasers of ‘Khakee’ already reveal that the film is going to be an out and out cop drama. Karthi is playing a very powerful cop in the film and his performance is said to be the biggest highlight of the film.

The film is up for release and sources suggest that the dialogues in the film will be a huge highlight. Dialogues like “Power lo Unnodi Praanaaniki Iche Viluva Public Praanaaniki Endhuku Ivvaru sir” and “Manam Chedda Vaalla Nundi Manchi Vaallani Kaapaade police Udyogam Cheyatledhu sir, Manchi Vaalla Nundi Chedda Vaallani Kaapade Chemchaa Udyogam Chesthunnam” only suggest the intensity in the film.

H Vinoth of “Sathuranga Vettai” fame is the director of this movie. Umesh Gupta and Subhash Gupta of Aditya Music Pvt Ltd are bringing this film to us in Telugu.