“Rajanna will be the biggest hit in my career,” says Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna’s latest film Rajanna opened to overwhelmingly positive reviews which it released across the world on December 22. The film is slowly capturing the audience’s attention thanks to positive word of mouth. To celebrate the success of the film, the film unit met with the media a little while ago at N Convention, Hyderabad. Nagarjuna, Vijayendra Prasad, Annie, M M Keeravani, Amala, Akhil, Supriya, Atchi Reddy Ravinder, Ajay, Supreet and few other dignitaries were present. Talking about the film, Nagarjuna said, “Everyone has this misconception that Rajamouli has ghost directed the film, but I would like to clarify that except for two action sequences, the rest of the film was conceived and directed by Vijayendra Prasad. His dedication even at the age of 70 is quite impressive. I thank M M Keeravani for giving such wonderful music to the film. Last but not least, I don’t know whether I should thank or congratulate Annie. She’s extremely good in the film and I feel she’s god’s gift to us. I am confident that Rajanna will be the biggest hit in my career.” Later Vijayendra Prasad credited the success of the film to the entire team and said, “Rajamouli is one of the primary reasons why the film has come out so well. When I made my first film few years ago, he criticized my work and said that I should concentrate more on making emotional charged stories. The result of that is Rajanna. I wish Nagarjuna keeps encouraging more newcomers into the industry and it’s his intelligence in picking slightly off-beat films which has helped the project.” MM Keeravani praised Vijayendra Prasad’s work and revealed that he knew the storyline almost six years ago. “I worked very hard for this film and I must thank my father Siva Datta for writing wonderful lyrics for Gijigaadu. That inspired me to compose music for rest of the film,” he said. Rajamouli praised Annie and called her the backbone of the film. “I have never seen such a wonderful film by any actress in recent times. Watching Annie act reminded me of Savithri and Suryakantham. Annie was that good in the film. It’s true that the film has my mark, but that’s because whatever I have learnt so far is from my father. So, when he has directed a film, you’ll have the same effect. MM Keeravani’s music has elevated the film to a whole new level. Such films must be encouraged by the audience as well, otherwise filmmakers will be forced to continue making run of the mill films. I thank media and the audience for supporting the film whole-heartedly,” Rajamouli said.